CUSTOMER SERVICE <<<<click here

At Goldie Horns Ltd we strive on customer service and are dedicated to meeting every need a customer brings forward to us. Whether its an antique restoration or personalization of a mobile phone we cover a huge range of electroplating needs.

At Goldie Horns Ltd we want to make all our customers experiences as unique as our business, so we provide a variety of services to accomplish this.

We can guarantee a professional finish on all plating but just in case there are any problems we give a 12-month warranty and if you wish to protect your items for longer we can extend that warranty to 36 months for 30% of the cost of the plating.


DELIVERY SERVICE <<<<click here

If you want to send an item we will make sure you receive it returned safely via special/recorded delivery. We have a collections & delivery service for larger items. Or if you have a busy schedule at home or work Goldie Horns Ltd also provide a mobile plating service*, so we will come to wherever is convenient to you. We have public Liability insurance to cover any work we do out on site.


CONDUCTIVE INK <<<<click here

A recent addition to our materials. This is a fantastic tool because of  its ability to be applied to just about any material; Ie. plastic, paper and even real plants/flowers. It creates a layer of conductive ink which allows us to electroplate on. Goldie Horns Ltd love a challenge and this must have addition to our materials helps us to achieve amazing results. keep a look out in the gallery for examples of the work we can create using Conductive Ink.


FINISHES <<<<click here

Mirror;          An elegant finish commonly used on jewelery and bathroom fittings, as great reflector of light this finish is perfect for a smart chic look.

Brushed;       A textured look

Antiquing;    This finish is used on items to make them look old or to age match and item thats being repaired or has been repaired.

Satin;             An effect created by using a soft brush and scratching the surface lightly to imitate the shimmer of satin.


ENGRAVING <<<<click here

We provide an engraving service for our customers if needed, this can make any item that extra bit more personal. What ever the need we will provide to the best of Goldie Horns Ltd‘s ability.

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