Novelty Items

Everything we do here at Goldie horns is unique and exclusive to our customers

We receive a number of requests to plate many novelty items from golf balls to lego figurine even key rings

Thanks to a break through in electroplating technology Goldie Horns can now plate any object no matter what material its made from Click here for more information

If you have an item you would like to be preserved in luxurious metal finish click here to contact us

Gold Plated Golf Ball

We were approached by a gentleman named Oliver from a company called Ignis. His vision was to gold plate a few Lego figurines to put on a chain to wear as Jewelry, as a leaving present for a member of his staff. Goldie Horns loved this idea and as a new challenge we were excited to take this on and create the finished product Oliver was looking for.

At Goldie Horns we like a challenge and this was a very successful one at that, which gives us the opportunity to provide this item as a novelty to the rest of our customers. We no everyone has enjoyed these at some point in their life.

So why not have one that you can wear, or just as a keepsake in a luxurious  Gold, Platinum or even Chrome for a full lilst of finishes click here.

Gold Plating on to Plastic, Platinum Plating on to Plastic, Chrome Plating on to Plastic

Antique Gold Plated on Plastic Lego Figurine

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