Motor Industry

The motor industry is always adapting to new technologies to make the overall experience a more pleasurable one for the consumer. Constantly improving fuel economy, engine efficiency and overall drive experience, and never compromising comfort and personalisation.

With the dawn of the new century we witnessed all of the motor vehicle industries compete for that cutting edge and Goldie Horns are rapidly becoming the leading supplier of unique design within Europe

Our equipment and experience have allowed us to be at the forefront of the personalisation industry and so being able to provide our customers with a first class service and a reliable, durable finish to all of our projects.

We can plate most accessories both inside and out of your vehicle in a luxurious metal of your choice. Weather you would like a Chromed grill at the front of your truck or a Gold exhaust on your motor bike at Goldie Horns we cater for all needs.

If you would like to offer this plating service at your dealership, so you can provide the extra wow factor to your customers giving them a truly unique personal vehicle please contact us by clicking here to arange a meeting to discuss all the benefits

Gold Plating Car/Motorbike Parts, Silver Plating Car/Motorbike Parts, Chrome Plating Car/Motorbike Parts, Platinum Plating Car/Motorbike Parts.

Plated exhaust system


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