Mobile Phones

As the market for Smart-phones expands the demand for individuality is stronger than ever. At Goldie Horns we are excited by new technology and a great aim of ours is to bring the 21st century to our customers Goldie Horns style.

We plate most models of phones at a realistic price avaliable to the public, we are mainly approached to plate iPhones and Blackberry‘s but pretty much any make or model can be done.

On iPhones the metal surrounding the face is the most common, with a mirrored finish this elegant piece of technology is set off and stands out from the standard look. you can pick any finish you want to acheive your desired look.  If that wasn’t enough we also set different types of stones from diamonds to swarovski crystals to make sure you stand out and shine above the rest. why not have a a special message laser engraved if buying as a gift, the possibilities are endless.



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