We live in a time were electronics rule our lives, just about every body carries some form of electronic item with them theses days whether that be a smart phone a tablet or even a laptop. What is of the worst things for our electronics  WATER

So youve just paid a lot of money giving you new smart phone the GH gold treatment and no doubt want to show it  off. It only takes a spilled drink or a splash with water with your phone in your hand, Sure you dry it right out, but sadly this is the end of your beloved new smart phone. Unfortunately when a device is water damaged, the warranty is void. However never fear! GH International have teamed up with Liquipel.

What is Liquipel you ask, Liquipel is a Southern California based research company that has managed to come up with a technology to waterproof your smartphones through a hydrophobic nano sized coating that doesn’t affect the feel or performance of your device.

The process is such; they put your phone in what they call the Liquipel machine. The machine then creates a vacuum, at this point the Liquipel formulation is introduced into the chamber in vapor form, which allows it to enter all the nooks and crannies of your phone. After this the machine uses technology found on the environment of the surface of the sun, which allows Liquipel to permanently bind to any surface it is in contact with at a molecular level.The coating is a 1000 times thinner than a human hair, so it doesn’t affect the way your phone looks or even feels for that matter. The coating will last for the life of your device, so you don’t have to get the treatment done over and over again.
The benefit of the method of this treatment is that it coats the inside and the outside of your device which means that not only does it waterproof your smartphones surface , but it also protects the inner circuitry, which means if you drop your phone in water, Liquipel will protect your phone’s function because it has also been treated from the inside

How much is the Liquipel treatment?         

The standard treatment cost about 100 euro plus shipping.
the time scale for a  retured phone is approx 1week but sometimes a little longer due to high demand
At the moment we offering treatment for only a number of devices, however if your device isn’t on the list you can still contact us.
Current devices approved for Treatment:
Apple iPod Shuffle
 Apple iPhone 4s
 Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 3gs
 Galaxy S2
HTC Evo 4G
 HTC Evo Shift 4G
 HTC MyTouch 4G
 Motorola Droid X/X2
 Samsung Charge
For other devices click here contact us

Does it void my warranty?         

Given that the treatment doesn’t leave any kind of mark, neither does it affect the way your phone looks or feels. It would be hard to tell if a phone has been treated with Liquipel unless of course they did a water test on it which could be dangerous. Liquipel doesn’t leave any tell tale signs that the phone has been treated, so there is no actual way to tell that your phone is now waterproof, unless you tell your phone provider yourself.

GH & Liquipel would like to remind you that this is only a preventative measure against water damage so while your phone can still function underwater and be doused with liquid and still work, it is best to prevent such a situation from occurring. Smartphones due to their functionality and new features are getting more and more expensive day by day, investing in a waterproof coating is definitely a good idea , it saves you the trouble of buying a new phone and as we know at least with apple a water damaged iPhone voids your warranty. A precautionary investment right now will save you not once but numerous times in the future.
Due to the nature of the product we are unable to offer any refunds or compensation to any water damaged products on our Liquipel treatments.