World’s Most Expensive laptop $1 Million

$1,000,000 Luxury Laptop Handmade from Wood, Gold & Diamonds

As perhaps one of the only people on the planet who still uses a TrackPoint (eraser-head, center-of-keyboard) mouse this author at least appreciates the concept of putting finger to diamond to move around the cursor. Though the novelty could wear off fast, since the sharp diamond edges won’t.

But if you think that is silly, it gets stranger: the device from London producer Luvaglio “combines intelligent gadgetry with state of the art technology; such as solid state storage, Blu-Ray, built-in USB memory stick and MP3 player.”

So how do two thousand dollars worth of ideas add up to a million?

Maybe it is the self-cleaning screen, gold trim and diamond power buttons – or the device automatically sliding out of is own elegant wooden box. To be sure, the price tag does not seem to fit the features – then again, perhaps some people would be content simply being able to say they own the world’s most expensive portable computer.

Posted by Riki Capone

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