Sundowners Paphos

Sundowner’s Beer Garden

So I’m sitting in a beautiful beer garden in the heart of Paphos near to the harbor when I see the chef bring out a sizzling burger to one of the near by tables. I soon notice that this is no ordinary beer garden!

Amazing as the place looks, decor wise I could never of been repaired for the quality of food they provide!

I had to order… Chilly Burger with chips! Along side my astounding alcoholic milkshake they brought me a bowl of triple cooked chefs chips! Stunning. The scene was set for me. Sun beaming, great staff. Excellent atmosphere. How could such a wonderful place be free of a Goldie Horns touch?

I started to look around to see where our products could enhance this place! With beautiful wood and stone bars I realised the over head optics! Stainless steel! An abomination! They need them gold plating to finish this exquisite master piece of an establishment.

Next step…. Gary and Jo (the owners)

I’ll be targeting them with a pitch later on. For now… Bring on the beers!

Get down there! It’s the only place to be! And look out for our Midas touch 😉

Posted by Riki Capone

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