Goldie Horns Ltd Takes An International Stage For Electroplating

After months of constant gold plating, silver plating, chrome plating on everything from Microphones to PlayStation 3’s…

Goldie Horns Electroplating services are becoming known across waters in places as far west as the USA and through Europe. We have not advertised in any country apart from our own but word of mouth alone is quickly becoming a winning factor with some top names.

Later this year we will be in Cyprus having talks with a range of companies to discuss how our electroplating services over here in the uk can be applied to many businesses in any continent, country or city anywhere in the world. Our five year plan will see us visit over 20 countries in search of people and proprietors with a need for quality, un-compromised Gold Plating, Silver Plating or any Electroplating needs.

So, keep a sharp eye on this site for updates on how were getting on.

electroplating world wide

World Electroplating Now Available

Posted by Riki Capone

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