Gina Yashere Comes To Town! Electroplating for the stars…

It was Friday the 17th september when early in the day we had contact with a comedienne extraordinaire! Gina Yashere, She was in our great city of nottingham performing a stand up comedy gig at the Opening Night of Nottinghams largest comedy venue…

…The Glee club!

Gold Plated Microphone Nottingham

Electroplating for the Comedy Scene

Well, The night went really well… Apart from meeting a legend, having a few drinks and socialising we managed to complete her job in a day! We obtained, engraved and presented a fully working and beautiful piece of Gold Plated Kit!  *BLINGGG* 24carats of pure gold smothered across a Revox brand mic… Simply stunning!

Gold Plated Stuff for Celebrity Names

24k Gold Plated Microphone

Posted by Riki Capone

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