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Gold Plating

Strong Marketing + Quality Work = Goldie Horns Ltd

Our application of only the best quality precious metals sourced from Britain, Thailand and Australia and applied in a uniquely  personal way separate us from your standard commercial electroplaters! You will find our services second to none and soon become a custom to our amazing offering as a company. We have started small but are aiming for the sky so if you want your favorite golf putter plating in luxurious rose gold and mounting on a plinth! All is possible with a no worry service. Ask about our turn around times on jobs! We can cater for last minute solutions!

With all this amazing quality comes some reward, we left the home and set up in Beeston, Nottingham at the beginning of the year… See blog about Progression 1

Already our hard work, long hours and dedication to learning has brought us again into a larger premises and allowed us to expand our selection of procedures meaning more choice for you, The Customer!

Goldie Horns Ltd – Your Number 1 Electroplater – Growing throughout time

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