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As you all know the new GH Cyprus business premises and retail shop will be opening soon so to make sure we get off with the best of starts we’ve flown in the chief electroplate technician from the UK. who’s very passionate about quality as you all should no Goldie Horns (GH Cyprus) produces the very highest quality electroplating service around. Soon to be available to the citizens and tourists of Cyprus, we will be offering the same service as the UK, 24k Gold, 18k gold, 9k Gold, 24k Rose Gold, 18k Rose gold, 9k rose Gold, 24k White Gold, 18k White Gold, 9k White Gold, Platinum, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Antique Brass, Silver, Antique Silver, Chrome, Nickel, Black Nickel, as well as different finishes to each plated item mirror finish, Brush finish, Satin. We are also bringing the conductive ink to the Cypriot Market which allows us here at Goldie Horns Plating (GH Cyprus) to be able to plate any item no matter what material it’s made from so not only can you get your iphone or ipad electroplated in lush 24k Gold now you can have your favourite champagne flutes or toy figurine or perhaps your favourite garden ornament plated and turned in to a show piece whatever your requirement if you’ve got it we can plate it

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