Copper Sulphate Crystals…

At Goldie Horns Ltd all the electroplating processes involve many different chemicals and stages. We also deal with alot of crystal inset work, but we had a very magical experience when we intended to use the copper for one of our projects. Many students get set science project to form Copper Sulphate Crystals in the class room, but accidentally Goldie Horns Ltd produced a fascinating piece of Copper Sulphate art.

A mixture of Copper Hydroxide and Sulphuric acid will create these crystals which is the process students use but Goldie Horns Ltd accidently dropped a Copper pipe into a large amount of Sulphuric acid which made the acid leach on to the copper in the pipe. The copper pipe fromed a base for the crystals to form on, they then grew off and spread to create an extraordinary sculpture. This process can happen over night if its stored in a well ventilated, secluded place.. we left it for a while and you can see for yourself what an exciting structure it formed to..

Posted by Riki Capone

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