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Ever want to see an iPad being made?

Rob Schmitz, the public radio journalist who exposed Apple commentator Mike Daisey’s fabrications regarding working conditions at a Chinese electronics factory, recently got a first-hand look at how the iPad is made.

Schmitz, the bureau chief of Marketplace Shanghai, is only the second Western journalist to have access to the factory floor since Daisey’s falsified report about hazardous working conditions suffered by employees at a Foxconn factory in China.

Schmitz has been filing reports for public radio as well as writing a blog on his experience at Foxconn.

During one visit, Schmitz took a film crew on a tour of Foxconn’s Longhua facility in the city of Shenzhen, where Apple’s iPad is produced.

Schmitz’s video tour (see below) takes us from construction of the device’s motherboard to installation of its touch screen, as well as testing of each unit’s gyroscope.

His video also shows people lined up outside the factory, hoping for a chance to get a job, which pays $14 a day to start.

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