Black Nickel

The characteristics and  appearance of our black nickel is often referred to, as black chrome.

It has all the characteristics of chrome ultra reflective mirror finish with a touch of black.

Black  nickel plating services are a codeposit of tin and nickel ina common plated  layer.

As a result the black nickel  properties are a mix of that of nickel plating and tin plating.

The hardness of the black nickel deposit is  consistent with nickel deposits.

However, due to its relatively thin deposit thickness of 1um (0.00004  inches) it can be susceptible to break through in high wear applications.

The codeposited tin in the black nickel  affords an inherent lubricity exceeding that of common nickel deposits.

An underplate of electroless nickel can  further enhance the lubricity of the overall deposit.

Black nickel can be used where high emisivity  is required such as optics, solar panel applications, aerospace and defense  weapons systems.

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