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Goldie Horns.… Where did it all start?

This business was first founded by Mr Riki Capone in 2009 when he saw a gap in the market place for Electroplating Gold, Platinum and Silver etc… His vision was that every type of item imaginable could soon be being covered with Precious Metals. He set about making industry connections and eventually obtained a position where Goldie Horns as a business is able to offer you a world class service using chemicals and metals direct from Internationally Renownd Chemists and Manufacturers.

This means you can stay confident in purchases from GH International and the durabilty of our metal finishing.

He also knew the key to a success was getting the company name out to the public. So this website was born. What better way than the internet to advertise all the services possible and demonstraight the capabilities of his work. He approached Juno Media, also a Nottingham based company who agreed to build a wedsite for him (www.GoldieHornsPlating.co.uk).

They did an amazing job creating the website and almost immediately the work began to increase. An outstanding amount of credit is due for David Wiltshire and Aaron Keenan of Juno Media Ltd who are mostly responsible for the great launch of this company into what is is becoming today.

In early 2010 Goldie Horns Moved into commercial premises where we had a lot more space with better facilities and better suited near the motorway for nation wide coverage offering customer a better level of service and more efficent.

Goldie Horns had started to attract attention from, not just the motor trade or the average person wanting that unique gift, but also had celebrity interest (Comedian Gina Yashere) who requested a personal gold plated microphone and the story was in the local press Click here to read full story.

In 2011 a significant more amount of orders for elecroplated items kept coming in from abroad, such as Cyprus, Dubai and even Russia.

In early 2012 Mr Capone decided to expand the business and go international by opening a branch on the island of Cyprus, this strategic position is closer to the demand and allows the company to increase and improve productivity and services to customers on the easten part of the globe.

GH Cyprus was born.

Goldie Horns has arisen through a hard time and began  the way it tends to go on, providing service that’s second to none, with a punctual work history and a growing reputation, Goldie Horns are at the forefront of technology and industry knowledge in the present day…

Come silver, gold or platinum we supply the plate to suit your needs.

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